Selling a Funeral Business

Selling your funeral business can be a difficult decision to take. Your reasons to sell could be several things retirement, ill-health, no family to carry on, or purely the right time to cash in your nest egg.

Finding the right buyer can also prove tricky as both parties’ battle to meet each other’s expectations to get the best deal.

At Funeral Solutions we believe it is possible to significantly increase the value of your business just by applying some
of our strategies to help improve the health and profitability of your business making it ready for sale at the right price.

Everything we do is strictly ‘Confidential’ and can assist with:

Selling Preparation

Source, Negotiate, Agree & Sell

Selling Preparation

  • Business Valuations

  • Selling Readiness Planning

  • Due Dilligence

Selling, Negotiations, Mergers

  • Finding Buyers

  • Sales Negotiations

  • Amalgamations

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